ISMAR 2012 Videos pouring in!

Hi everybody,

it’s about time to sit down and click refresh on youtube to check out the latest videos from this year’s ISMAR 2012 in Atlanta. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it personally and won’t have a full coverage as last year with keynotes, demos and such, but I’m scanning my contacts and the web right now to get more input. Feel free to share your demos, paper-related videos, etc. for the AR community! Just drop me a line!

To kick off, I’ll mention two demos with videos today! Enjoy!

Diminished Reality

This year we have another more advanced demonstration of Diminished Reality. We have seen this working first time around two years ago, but this time with more complex textures. It seems to handle color/lighting changes pretty well (see at the very end of the video, cool!) and hard edges within textures. The overall process is not clearly described (to compare it to the linked blog entry above), I’ll have to wait for the full paper. Nevertheless: good looking results for the shown scenes!

Rapid Redesign of Real-World Objects

The guys from the MagicVisionLab presented their work as a poster at ISMAR and reuse the Kinect Fusion tricks to scan real world objects to work on the resulting 3D representation with a Phantom-based 3D AR drawing kit with haptic feedback. They explain it best themselves:

ClonAR enables users to rapidly clone and edit real-world objects. First, real-world objects can be scanned using KinectFusion. Sec- ond, users can edit the scanned objects in our visuo-haptic Aug- mented Reality environment. Our whole pipeline does not use mesh representation of objects, but rather Signed Distance Fields, which are the output of KinectFusion. We directly render Signed Dis- tance Fields haptically and visually. We do direct haptic rendering of Signed Distance Fields, which is faster and more flexible than rendering meshes. Visual rendering is performed by our custom- built raymarcher, which facilitates realistic illumination effects like ambient occlusions and soft shadows.
Our prototype demonstrates the whole pipeline. We further present several results of redesigned real-world objects.

Cool demo. One more comment, though it has nothing to do with the great show: I liked the milk carton with markers in the background very much. Have you seen this marker? Hiro! :-)