Just a quickie

… for today. First off, Mark Skwarek and his Manifest.AR Augmented Reality Artist Group will start their live AR event Infiltr.AR tonight, i.e. Friday Feb 25th at 2:15 PM EST, i.e. prime time for Europe at 20:15! You can follow all live in the web, join tweeting or observing:

The opening is meant to be viewed live on the internet-
updates can be seen at http://manifestar.info/live/

In this work we will infiltrate and give the global community access to a highly contested space-

If you would like to participate please have an active Twitter account set up before the start of the show!

The work can be seen in real space @
Club Karlsson Art Space-
Keizersgracht 264 Amsterdam

Then you could finish the week by enjoying the physics of a pendulum presented as an interactive AR setup (I always love good physics in mixed reality, as it gives a way more convincing immersive blend of the two worlds) or by watching the great mixed media choreography showing a shadow sword fighter (found by Rouli, thnx! Made my day!):

… and be sure to remember next Tuesday night! The regular’s table will meet again! TU Munich? Please bring your Who Am I-game along! ;-)


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