On my own behalf: RTT Excite conference

Excite 2010 - RTT AG

After a great 2nd regluars’ table on AR in Munich yesterday (thanks to everybody who made it!), I’m off to set up the demos to be seen from tomorrow on at the open house fair and conference in Munich – hosted by my company Realtime Technology (RTT AG).

It will be a two-day event, showing our latest technology and with great talks from Industry leaders, e.g. we have Bob Whitehill from Pixar talking about Stereoscopic 3-Dimensional Storytelling.

There will be two demos on Augmented Reality and one on Mixed Reality, which I am hosting. So drop by in the marketing lounge, if you are an attendee or wait for the reports floating in afterwards.

See you on the web next week!

– Toby

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