ISMAR 2010 and mixed news

The International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality deadline is coming up! The biggest conference on AR will be held this year in Seoul, Korea, 13th-16th of October. But the deadline for handing in your papers and posters is May, 24th! So, if you have something up your AR-sleeve, go and submit it!

What is the ISMAR about?

The 2010 ISMAR Arts, Media and Humanities chairs invite artists, scholars, media practitioners, who can shed new light on emerging new relations within the future of Mixed and Augmented Reality. We would welcome musings, probings, discourses, insights, and imaginations to be presented in Seoul Korea October 13-16, 2010 in the form of long and short papers, art installations, panels, workshops or tutorials.

This theme of this year’s ISMAR conference is “Borderless” sparked by the convergence of Mixed and Augmented Reality, ubiquitous technology and global connectivity. In the rapidly emerging application of Mixed and Augmented Reality, how do we make sense of time and space now?

With no clear-cut boundary between what is natural and artificial, we are faced with ambiguity, transience, and contingency. How will melting the boundaries between real, virtual and imaginary realities transform our world?

In other news… (today only a quick linked overview)

Fight your phobia of cockroaches with Augmented Reality here:

cockroaches AR

… which reminded me of the phobia of height and fall, that really seems to work for the user when simulated with AR: AugmentedEnvironments said: “This video shows an augmented reality application we have developed to use as an experimental testbed for evaluating what components of an AR experience contribute to a user feeling “present” or immersed. In this experiment the participants are presented with a virtual hole that drops three stories and are asked to perform tasks around this “pit.” Their heart rate, galvanic skin response, and skin temperature are measured while the participant is shown different versions of the pit. The goal is to develop quantitative and qualitative methods for measuring how immersed a user is in an AR experience and to develop guidelines for people building AR applications.” See:


Gigaputt: Play virtual golf with your iphone in your city. It’s not really AR as I would define it, but great
location based fun, I wanted to share, since it reminded me of the Dinosaur Jr. video by Spike Jonze and made me laugh, when I imagined how people toss away their phone:

Face Tracking

Neat AR Face Tracking and Avatar Generation using Unity:

AR Furniture Interface

AR Furniture Planning, reloaded, showing a nice interface:


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