Summing up the Augmentations

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I’ve been traveling a lot lately, so I will catch up on the latest news quickly. Expect a bigger post on the hottest tracking system I’ve seen yesterday, to be found here soon. :-)

Android from HITLab

The HIT Lab, mother of all AR toolkits, has started a new project on Augmented Reality brought to the Android platform, too. Android AR The platform supports in-situ 3D geolocated visualization. They mostly aim on the 3D quality part and cooperate with the IPCITY project. Expect more from those guys to come soon. They state:

We are directing our research on extending the quality of the platform (shadows, animation) and the development of advanced user interaction techniques. In the meantime, we are now developing different proof-of-concept applications based on collaborative mixed reality scenarios.

LinceoVR with AR

LinceoVR 4 ALL

The VR software solution from Italy, LinceoVR, released their free viewer LinceoVR 4 ALL. It also comes with their Augmented Reality module, so now you can grab a demo scene file (or generate one with the trial of the full software) to see it in AR quickly. They claim to have full integration of their raytracer into the AR module, but I have to get back to you and report on this one, once I’ve seen it myself. The binaries rest on my machine for quiet a while now. Darn! If you have experience with their RayTracer and AR module, let us know in the comments, please!

Heavy Rain

Thomas put together an overview of the parts of the new grown-up gaming experience Heavy Rain, where you can see the AR technology, I mentioned before.

Webcam educational

Giuseppe Masciopinto and his team has built webcam education and rehabilitation tool. Giuseppe is a teacher for the handicaped and sees the need and advantage of webcam based learning. See his site: There will a conference and a demo of the work on May, 14th. More infos to be found in this PDF.

Magic Book

Another nice Magic Book demo called DigiLog comes from the GIST:

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