Winter Augmented Reality Meeting and Game Concepts

WARM 2010

Dear readers,

just quickly another note towards the next AR meeting in Europa, starting today in Graz, Austria. The Technical University is welcoming all AR enthusiasts to take part in their conference styled meeting on AR, discussing the fresh technology and also enjoying a bit of skiing in the snow. Unfortunately I’m going to Dublin tomorrow and couldn’t make it, but Rouli should be there, blogging the latest news regarding the WARM event. A short snippet from Graz’ website:

We welcome presentations on all topics related to AR and Ubicomp including but not limited to:
– Tracking including sensor fusion and computer vision
– Mobile augmented reality
– Ubiquitous augmented reality
– Smart environments
– User interface techniques and interaction methods
– Applications
– User studies
– Future directions for AR research

We are curious what will be presented, I know that metaio is present, too, showing another new prototype. (Maybe the junaio android beta?)

In other news…

I always enjoy a close interaction in AR, combining a natural physical movement having effect on the AR objects, like posted before regarding the Rubik’s Cube or the one on true interaction and manipulation. It gives the best results and (marketing speech) user experience, as it allows a real physical involvement, that is more integrated than just “I hold a marker on top of my hand”. Sorry, I’m getting repetitive, but we had some nice examples, e.g. the skating Santa Claus, steered through paper tilting.

Now another demo hit youtube, shown below:

Actually, we’ve seen this on the iphone (without AR) and I know, that a couple of students did a similar project (including me ;-)). It’s just a neat concept, IF you offer more than reality does! On the iPhone/Android it’s just a simple rip-off of the old wood maze game, but in this simple demo above it already shows the potential: to integrate animated objects, that wouldn’t work in a wood construction! This is what I like so much about these concepts: using an old simple real-life concept of (e.g.) a game, but extending it, making it bigger – into something that wouldn’t be possible without AR. Also the interaction is easy and flawless. Another step would be to further extend this non-possible ideas: teleports, more layers / floors, animated enemies. But keeping it simple, based on the wood game. Love it! :-)

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