Augment your Make-Up!

Augmented Make-Up

Make-Up artists beware! A new demonstration in Japan shows augmented reality make-up, where you scan your head and have a magic mirror concept to immediately show the results of a possible do-over, without sitting there with an actual brush and patience.

To be frank, I can’t really tell the difference before and after in this video, but that might just be me. The idea is neat and if the head tracking is stable enough, it’s a great point of sale / virtual marketing progress. We’ve seen this before with T-Shirts, clothings and sneakers and even hair. But this one seems to be ready to hit the retailers.

If you are having video conferences quite often, this one might save you some time on your daily routine. We are virtually getting closer to avatars as in all the current genre cinema (e.g. Surrogates or the silly Gamer), though they actually re-use physical bodies (real or robot ;-)).

(via japentrends)

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