Back to work

Hi there,

I was unhooked from the computer world for the last ten days (it still works without!), so I’m getting back on AR right now. Currently, I’m still hoping that my company will approve my travel to ISMAR 09, where I’m invited to hold a talk about AR in the industry. Unfortunately I’m lead on another VR project here and everything is on knife’s edge right now – hope that I can squeeze it in. I cross my fingers to meet you all over there in Orlando and give you an insight on what we are doing here at research. You can already prepare yourself and look forward to Tom’s talk from Toyota’s point of view. :-)

In other news – besides all new funny AR marker demos, business card applications, etc. – Tonchidot gave a nice interview to Tish and metaio announced their mobile AR application for the iphone, coming Nov, 2nd: called junaio.

So, put on warm cloth for the upcoming AR winter, running around with your GPS-enabled phone, trying out all new layars and junaios! :-) I’ll keep you posted asap on the ISMAR. … still feels good to have my daily AR-RSSs and blogs back. ;-)

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