Hype Cycle and Masses playing AR

This year is a pretty good year for augmented reality. We’ve seen different demos and ads for movies or new cars, glasses, even women’s hygiene items. Well, okay, I reconsider my statement. It’s a good year for augmented reality awareness. But usually it remains marker based webcam AR or EyeToy-style. Nevertheless, I’m happy that the technology is spreading and people start to know it, thus pushing us and hardware developers forward. Sooner or later people may ask for a cellphone: “so it does not come with a AR-HMD goggle system? Hmmm… well, then I have to go across the street to Compu-Global-Hyper-Mega-Net…”. Another funny game (I consider it only mixed reality) is this one below. Afaik it’s the second that includes facebook! The maybe biggest snowball system for spreading the word!!

If you are more interested in gaming, location based services and augmented reality, you want to check out my interview I gave for a games developer’s community. Unfortunatelly you’d have to speak German… ;-)

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