Scary! The virtual Mirror into a parallel world!

The cool Henry Selick, who brought us stop motion classics like The Nightmare before Christmas, gave us another shaking with its great Coraline stop-motion-mimic-3D movie. This movie launched a while ago, but I just remembered the cool advertisment, I’ve seen for it. I don’t wanna spoil if you still haven’t seen the movie (do it! ;-)), but the parallel world with buttoned eyes might have come to your attention nevertheless. So, what a perfect idea to just sew buttons on every passers-by’s eyes in the street?! Real scary!!! If you walk passed at night and all of a sudden…

Coraline and buttoned eyes

See it here: and here.

And for the blu-ray/DVD-release of the movie (last week), there is a neat little website launched, that uses augmented reality, too. My nice fellow-Bavarians from metaio realised a pretty looking 3D garden, using their feature-based tracking flavour of their product running in your browser. It’s (currently) much more beautiful than Papervision, etc. (sorry), but there is a drawback: you need to install another plug-in (which took like 3 times to install it properly, sorry). But then again a funny show, that could use some content/story-telling in the future. Dear movie companies, if you resort to AR for ads, please think of us tech-nerds: we need something more than just a 3D model popping up and showing the trailer. Otherwise we will get bored. We’ve seen it. ;-) But that’s just a minority speaking. I’m lovin’ the spread of AR!

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