upgrade your slot car tracks

A cool demonstrator from beyond reality was shown at the Game Developer Conference. It’s the classic slot car game you’d setup in your children’s room. But this one avoids missing track pieces or monotony. Cool graphics and features, triggered by putting down additional cards, bring extra fun. So far so good. But then again: how to actually use the great game? How to interact? If you put up a camera on your desk and then look to your screen… it’s like playing a VR video game… well, it is on your desk, but no big advantage (only real advantage: to put down extra cards easily). Disadvantage as always: you have to look towards your PC screen instead of looking towards the table. Companies like vuzix, please hurry up with your AR-add-ons!

Otherwise, it’s the best AR game effort I’ve seen in a long while. (For the graphics and the soundtrack!) Take a look!

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