his bARk is worse than his bit

The people from Georgia Tech made a nice demo using the iPhone and releasing a virtual dog into your living room. You can pet him and feed him. Unfortuantelly now everybody is waiting for the iPhone to open up its SDK for (video) camera access. Until now no AR video games can be uploaded to the iTunes store. What a shame! Apple, please be gentle and lower your restrictions! :-)

The demo itself is neat and cute and a nice concept is to bring in new markers during runtime to raise the elbowroom of your AR pet. If you throw in a 2nd marker, the 1st has to be in sight, too, to calculate the reference. From that moment on you can move easily wihout calibration. Moreover there is nothing spectacular technologywise, but it’s another proof that AR is hitting main stream! Please, Apple, please, open up! :-)

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