AR goes live TV

Frankly, AR is nothing too new in live television. The good old blue screen is already a basic form of AR. But truely, it’s getting better with free camera movements and without the need for blue or green screens in the back (although the host still has to squint outside the camera to see the composed image on an additional monitor). We are getting closer to the AR everywhere idea, although: still nobody started with my AR Television concept: to let the viewer influece the embedded CG geometry. I need to do more videos like Johnny Lee for the Wii, I guess. Here are some latest examples:

CNN did a neat holographic projection of their correspondent during the elections.

Totaal TV shows another example of enhanced paper magazines with your home computer and webcam.

NBC Holodeck shows off with another AR flavour for the elections.
NBC virtual studio

Metaio presents their AR book at the Frankfurt book fair this year, allowing additional content to be displayed ontop of the purchased book. This is real fun. (And works without markers, well, I know, lets say the pictures are the markerless markers. :))
metaio book fair

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