Well, this his highly necessary, since the prototype of maximum-hype-company tonchidot is not really there yet. So far everybody has seen the Super Mario soundtracked video on youtube, where they use an iPhone to tag the real world in an AR style. But tracking is poor and the prototype with the nice idea does not give any clues how far they’ve really gotten with their product yet. Everything is highly questionable as seen during the discussion at . techcrunch50 conference Be sure to get the tonchidot vibe with the techcrunch video! I share their enthusiam, but this is still too early to start such a hype for a product, that is obviously a fake or at max. alpha status. I’m a bit undecided: should I hate these guys for their crazy presentation and their getting-our-hopes-up or should I love them for getting-our-hopes-up and pushing AR into the market? But I guess the latter just still won’t work due to missing hardware (tracking, infrastructure for mobile computing and reliable data transfer).

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