iphone-ish window to the augmented world

(C) AR Concept by Mac Funamizu

No, this actually has nothing to do with Apple Inc., but the cool concept designs from Mac Funamizu from Japan also have a nice iphone look and feel: it looks like you would take off the backside of your cellphone and all of a sudden the real world shows inside your touchscreen – overlaid with all the graphical augmented reality goodies there might be in 2008.. eh no, maybe 2013 or 2018? So, sorry, this is not documenting current work in progress, but only AR ideals for the next decade. The concept is very convincing, not talking about feasibility: a hand-held device like your phone, no goggles, instant access to virtual data connected to your frame you define by holding up the happy gadget: routing guides, tourist information, translation help for foreign newspapers… How cool would that be!?

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