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the year is getting warmed up for more AR and it’s time to plan your trips and bug your management (or yourself) for travel budget. As a guide I thought I’ll once more sum up upcoming AR/VR-related conferences today to get started! If you are in London, you are quite lucky again. So, here we go:

First overview of AR/VR conferences in 2017

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain, 27.2.-2.3.
Mobile World typically referred to smartphones, but this expands to wearables, possibly even smart AR glasses. The conference could reveal more AR-enabled devices, possibly we get a shipping date for the Zenfone AR or see other Tango phones in the wild?

VR AR Symposium, Heidelberg, Germany, 7.3.
[Updated, added] Second year in a row SRH Heidelberg hosts the VR AR Symposium, giving the industry chance to network, try out the tech and listen to interesting talks reg. AR and VR in the product life cycle and in industry scenarios.

Wearable Tech / AR Show / MXR Summit, London, UK, 7.3.-8.3.
“I find mixed reality much more exciting than VR. It doesn’t take you out of this world. Instead, it adds elements to our real world. And it has great flexibility.”, Peter Jackson as quoted by MXR Summit. Well, dam sure agreed. The triplet of conferences on wearables, IOT, AR, VR and more is a good moment to stop by in UK’s capital.

Eurographics, Lyon, France, 24.4.-28.4.
Eurographics is not strictly AR-connected, but if you are interested in 3D graphic developments and new research in this field you should check their agenda. After all, AR is highly visual and hungry for more performance, provided by those guys.

FMX Conference, Stuttgart, Germany, 2.5.-5.5.
The visual effects conference with high class speakers from the movie and CGI business all over the world is held every year in Stuttgart. Last year they had quite a big amount of AR and VR related talks and demos. You can read some of my coverage here. If you are closer to media production, worth a visit!

VRWorld, London, UK, 16.5.-17.5.
With their tagline “The Business of Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality” they make it clear: the huge number of 150 speakers will cover business stories of things and present work in progress and allow for good networking. is media partner for a reason.

Augmented World Expo, St. Clara, CA, USA, 31.05. – 02.06.
Classic, well established and huge AR conference. If you are enjoying the west coast in May it’s sure worth a visit to meet quite a number of AR veterans there and to get updated first-handed.

VR AR World, London, UK, 13.06.-15.06.
If you are in Europe in Summer you could check out different growing conferences. E.g. the VR AR World is now in it’s second year and attracts more and more business people. Co-located to the TechXLR8 event.

Digility, Cologne, Germany, 5.7.-6.7.
Personally, I really enjoyed the first Digility in 2016. Not only as a media partner and with the co-located Gamescom in beautiful Cologne, but it was a great mixture of tech talk and philosophical approaches to the whole metaverse. Great speakers gave you the chance to look beyond your own nose and learn something new.

Augmented World Expo Europe, 19.10.-20.10., Munich, Germany
Last year the European twin to AWE USA was held in Berlin. I’m pretty sure we can expect something coming up in fall 2017, again! ;-) So, keep some room in your calendar. [Update] We have confirmation! So, yes, AWE Europe will be held this year in beautiful Bavarian capital Munich. AR is coming home. ;-) Be sure to check back to their page later to get an update on their agenda and speaker list!

ISMAR, Nantes, France, 9.10.-13.10.
THE classic AR conference of all. has been media partner and attendee multiple times and this year you will get the chance to learn more about current research on AR in France. The international symposium on mixed and augmented reality is pre-business stage. So, don’t expect a marketing show, but rather deep dive techy nerd stuff!

The Tech Expo, London, UK, 16.10.-17.10.
The Tech Expo covers more than AR. They have a blend of five tracks covering AR, VR, Fin Tech, Contextual, Emerging Tech and IoT topics. Check back to their page when they update the schedule.

If you think I missed an important event – let me know! Happy to update.

PS. No, the image is not a hint on an upcoming Apple AR device, I just felt free to re-use metaio’s conference image. ;-)