Join the magic force!

ILMxLAB has been working on some cool virtual and augmented reality solutions before (as I reported in January). So, no surprise that they team up further with the big players or new innovators:

Lucasfilm / ILMxLAB and MagicLeap just announced that they are currently working on a cooperation. Their twitter post with a short video hit the web yesterday and we can finally see some more footage of the (possible) MagicLeap technology! It shows R2D2 and C3PO walking through the office building and R2 projecting a hologram to a table. Check it out below:

Again, we don´t know how the HMD (or other) will look like. We only see the shot how you would perceive it. The quality itself is as in previous demos. A holographic look and quite stable tracking, but without any additional interaction or a hint in what state all this is. Is it a quick rough tech demo? Or a useable system where the content can easily be updated and exchanged to do quick previs or real-time storytelling and experiences – focussing on the director only or towards a broader audience to dive into the force in the real world?

Of course, cool to see and it´s making our mouth water, but no real news has been revealed, though. I hope we can expect more next – after we´ve seen the patent showing a possible HMD the speculations are growing!