A new morning, changing weather

“Welcome to a new way to start your day. Shot directly through Magic Leap technology on April 8, 2016 without use of special effects or compositing.” is the description of the freshly uploaded video footage from Magic Leap. Good morning!

I’m always happy to see news of the mysterious company, but again, we do not learn much about the background of things. Is the interaction happening by gaze triggers? Or in the background via keyboard shortcuts, etc.? Don’t they have gesture interaction integrated yet? How is it supposed to work in the end?

We (again) don’t learn anything about the output device. Will it really work to focus near and far virtual objects directly as you would focus physical objects? How big is the device? Where do they hide the computing power? Is the picture above (by Wired) of some engineer in a photonics lab the current state of their work or what are they testing and how small is the actual device today?

The Verge asks a lot more of these questions. We just need to wait again. Check out the video:

The video shows how a typical morning could look like. Browsing through news feeds, weather report, personal messages, etc. The content augments in your room – but is a bit shaky (haven’t we seen better tracking?). It’s another fun demo teasing us – this is how it could work… well, but we don’t learn if this demo is pre-animated, how it is rendered and if there is anything done dynamically and live (retreiving the info and preparing the output (that sure looks neat))? Can we please have a look into the other direction? Shooting at the device not through the device? In the end we know nothing more, but are happy for life-signs nevertheless.


PS. I’m at FMX in Stuttgart next week. Happy to meet up! Drop me a line. – Toby.