Next AR/VR #ARMUC regular’s table coming up next Tuesday!

Hey everybody,

next Tuesday we will have the next regular’s table on AR and VR in Munich. Feel free to join! Lots to discuss! … now with Oculus, HTC Vive about to be released to the public, along with GDC around the corner, Werable Technology Conference in London, CeBIT in Hanover, Hololens devkit almost there and the new announcement from META* on their AR HMD… Time for another mixed reality beer! So here we go:

Next Tuesday, March, 15th, 2016. 7.30 pm @ Restaurant Wassermann Fraunhofer in Munich.

More details on the Stammtisch can be found on our #ARMUC page as always.

See you on the other side!

*) So talking about META? It’s about time! Here ya go: