Robot Invasions to smash your living room

Microsoft presents a new HoloLens gaming demo (at some new Microsoft operating system device’s conference ;-)). Also they update on release date and give some numbers!

The new demo “Project X-Ray” was of course another eye-candy eye-catching presentation! After presenting AR-MineCraft the last time they show another entertainment & gaming application for their device that’s supposed to change the whole world of computing (leading to holographic computing anywhere without dedicated screens).

But today it was a casual game for your own living room (or any room). Your hand is suited up with some wearable gun hologram (pretty cool and stable) and you move freely (as usual no wires) through your own space. Suddenly walls burst open and some robot invasion takes place (well, compare it to MagicLeaps’ approach) that you have to fight off:

The cool thing of course is the complete freedom (no wires, no external device or PC needed) and the integration of your own space with all furniture and walls. Dimensions are known and occlusions can work convincingly again. But this is also a piece missing for me: how would you at home generate your 3D scan of your room? Could they please show the process and the accuracy of it? You can notice some gap between the spider robot’s legs and the floor (not having a connecting shadow cast) – is the floor taken into account? Or just some pre-defined walls? We know it’s possible to scan and create a map of your room in real-time by now, but I’d love to see it in a consumer-ready implementation.

The game itself looks short-time fun, but nothing too wild to me. Of course it’s just a tech-demo, but MagicLeap did a better graphical job before (see link above), though they did not show it live! So, point goes to Microsoft here! I love the holographic weapon attached to your hand (wondering if it tracks as stable when seen from your own point of view). So, how about multiplayer? And how about the field of view? Is it covering more by now (we only see it through the observer camera, too bad!). But definitely a fun demo, I’d love to try myself!

Microsoft states that a developer release will be shipped in Q1 2016 (colliding with all upcoming VR goggles) and will cost $ 3000. Consumers should get their PlaystationVR, Oculus or HTC Vive next and developers dive into AR in parallel to VR! I sense great things around the corner! Let’s get ready! Can 2016 be here any sooner, please?