Painting virtual Graffiti (or eggs)!

Hi everybody,

happy holiday to you all! Hope you can relax and enjoy some unaugmented days. If you happen to bump into a UK store nevertheless, check out the Easter egg special. :-)

Inbetween news…

The Augmented World Expo page has been updated with many new details on speakers and program. Be sure to check it out.

…painting more than eggs:

As my goodie for today’s holiday start, let’s enjoy this AR short movie. Actually, I’d say it’s more visualized urban poetry with more still images – really great photography. It creates a dark but groovy feeling for the mixed reality future, though I’m a bit fed up with QR-code-mania. :-)


Let me tease it from their youtube text: New Scientist’s Arc Magazine and science fiction author Tim Maughan are proud to announce the online debut of the low budget, experimental short film Paintwork. Set in near-future Bristol – the British city known internationally for spawning Banksy – it follows augmented reality graffiti artist 3Cube as she illegally transforms an all-too familiar advertising billboard into a work of high tech street art, and poses questions about the relationships between technology, advertising and the control of public spaces.