Interact with your walls!

Microsoft extends the Kinect Fusion approach. They sumbitted the paper this summer at Pervasive Computing and show the extension of the approach of a Kinect camera scanning the real room by augmenting the room at the same time by a hand-held projector.

This way the user does not need to wear bulky goggles or look to a screen somewhere fixed. Instead we can imagine wearing a pico-projector some day, that augments the real space without the need for special aids. Additionally this will augment for more users at the same time.

It get’s even more interesting when thinking about the interaction. The video shows some ideas the MS researchers had. Drawing on the real surface virtually or push virtual buttons within the real space – without wearing special output devices! Now it get’s interesting. So without further ado I will just point to the video. I think it’s pretty cool when thinking about interaction concepts for AR, let it be with goggles or projections. Enjoy!

The Pervasive Computing conference will be merged next year with the Ubicomp conference and happen 2013 in September in Zurich, Switzerland.