Summer Play in the Sand

Hi all,

some collected news for the sunny Friday (over here in Munich at least)! Next week Thursday & Friday I will be showing the latest (and updated) installation of our projection based Augmented Reality on our show, the RTT EXCITE USA, in Detroit! Hope to meet some of you there! So but now, let me sum up the latest pieces for the long weekend in some videos! :-)

Microsoft Research continues to work on projected AR as well and came up with a cool interaction way with their MirageTable. Neat!

Pioneer comes up with their version of an augmenting HUD system concept for your car driving pleasure!

The ARLab from the Netherlands has published their first issue of “AR[t]” talking about Augmented Reality, art and technology. A great start for newcomers and for people, who already now about AR, but want to think beyond the basic technological questions. Check it out!

The Wikitude team has created an AR solution called “AR window”, which now also enables any mobile webpage to include Augmented Reality. Their demo shows it briefly, a great way to pimp your mobile pages.

Last, but not least (on the contrary!): the SARndbox video, if you haven’t seen it (you really should have). I’ve mentioned it in the social world, but it’s definitely worth for an extra post or at least this wrap-up!

The demo of the Keckcaves-Team (Keck Center for Active Visualization in the Earth Sciences) uses a real sandbox and real shovels, combined with a Kinect and a projection system to augment a real-time colored topographic map with contour lines onto the sand surface. Moreover, the real sandbox lets virtual water flow over the surface. Detailled information on how it works (using a GPU-based simulation of the Saint-Venant set of shallow water equations, etc.) can be found on their project page.

Without further ado or words, I’d like to present our feature presentation:

Enjoy the holiday!