Augmented Reality with Google Glass

Google is on its way to Augmented Reality! Google X Labs unveils a first concept video hoping to get our saliva dripping! Does it work?

With the claim “We think technology should work for you—to be there when you need it and get out of your way when you don’t.” they start early promoting their possible future product, that would ship glasses like the one shown here and have an Android based OS running behind it. The video below shows an everyday scenario with all marketing essentials (coffee, buddy, girlfriend, sunset). We don’t see a first hardware mockup in action or anything. It stays first-person the whole time. But hey! Nevertheless: a good kick-off. I’m sure we can expect more videos from the big guy during the next year.

We see some scenarios with map services navigation, short messages and speech input. It feels a bit like a teaser not showing anything too crazy. No technology is shown, no real tracking research results. The big news here is only: google is at it! And I guess they will perform well.
Regarding the ideas within concept AR videos, we had funnier and spacier youtube footage before (like Keiichi’s Domestic Robocop or Augmented City I still consider to be under the best AR goggle concept presentations)… But concentrating on major social network generation activities (messaging, foto posting, etc.) this is a convincing and believable start!