• long-term experience in AR/VR research and development to help your innovative needs
  • professional knowledge in AR/VR of over a decade to make the right choices quickly
  • creative consulting for stunning concepts and convincing experiences
  • technological advice and concept creation for stories that just work
  • picking the right tool and the best immersive story to reach your audience
  • define the best interaction methods to create a stable and fun-to-use system


Project Management

  • create concepts and requirement specifications
  • switching between a technical, a creative and producer´s point of view
  • do the number crunching for a valuable and realistic offer
  • first contact for all client communication and inquiries
  • lead your software development
  • run the production of the needed 3D content creation
  • lead your dev/artist team, external partners or agencies that work together on your project



Your advantage

  • professional support from beginning to end
  • long-term expertise in AR/VR to efficiently make the right decisions
  • experience in software development AND content creation (real-time and offline)
  • flexibility through project-based booking
  • international execution and availability in German, English or Spanish-speaking locations
  • deep technical knowledge and extensive soft-skills